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How to finalize/delete the jobs (searches) programmatically?


I have an app with 5-6 pages. Each page consist of 5-6 real time searches. Each page allowed to navigate to another pages in this app. Now if user opens a page, navigates to another page and then come back to the same page, it results in 15 real time search running for that user and though effectively it's only 5 jobs user is interested in. I want to kill these searches spawned via a page when user moves away from that page.

I know it's going to be tricky but I will appreciate if someone can suggest a way to solve this problem.


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Re: How to finalize/delete the jobs (searches) programmatically?


Hi, I've just come across this problem and overcame it by putting this at the top of my dashboard view (surrounded by XML tags):

< view autoCancelInterval="5" template="dashboard.html" >

The auto-cancel interval is set to 5 seconds. This means that when the search becomes inactive for 5 seconds or more, it will automatically cancel the search from running. You may have to adjust this to suit your own purpose.

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