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How to export a dashboard as PDF on demand from Splunk REST API / Java SDK ?



I am new to splunk and I am trying to work with the SDK. Is there a way to export your dashboard as a PDF on demand using either Java SDK/Rest API?



Maybe it's time to draft some doc on this feature, when I tried to use the pdfgen/render service, I got the following error message:

404 Not Found

Return to Splunk home page
Page not found!

Any help is greatly appreciated!


Hi , I got the same error too. How do u resolve this ?

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Wow, this is old. Just for grins, i think this answers the question:

curl -sku admin 'https://localhost/services/pdfgen/render?input-dashboard=your_view&namespace=your_app&paper-size=a4-landscape' > your_report.pdf


This command works for dashboards that dont require any user input.

How can we use the above to command to export a dashboard that requires user inputs ?

I tried the curl command to export the Splunk for PaloAlto Networks app's main dashboard and it worked. However, when I tried the same command with additional parameters for Cisco app's dashboard, it just generated an unreadable1kb pdf file.

Example below,
curl -u admin:{password} -k "https://localhost:8089/services/pdfgen/render?input-dashboard=CiscoNetworksOverview&namespace=cisco_..." >> C:\Users\admin\Downloads\test.pdf

Any workaround for this please?

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You can write a python script to achieve your requirement. I was successful in doing so. Please check the following link.


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