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How to embedded Splunk Iframes?



I have been trying to present Splunk dashboards through frames to my website, and it's not working as you can see in the picture below, I have seen other people with the same question but no solution was suggested that worked for me, if I tried to present the reports, they work fine, but the dashboards don't seem to work.

This is my code: 








Clearing the cookies & restarting the browsers didn't work, neither did trying  a different browser.

Does anyone know how to solve this? or if it's not even possible?


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I tried to do this, as did another person I spoke to privately on here, and we have determined it is not possible: 


Essentially the cookies are "3rd party cookies" as they are not from your site. I believe there is actually a setting in your browser you can change to allow these. 



This worked for me a while ago. I am not sure if it works currently as I do not have Splunk in an iframe anymore.  When I told my manager this, they immediately dropped the ask and stopped the idea of the iframe.


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