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How to edit my search to incorporate a sparkline based on three values?

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I have some data like below, and I am trying to make a weekly summary.

index      week      machine    num_of_alert
usage     wk_44     host1           0
usage     wk_44     host2           0
usage     wk_45     host1          10
usage     wk_45     host2           2
usage     wk_46     host1           0
usage     wk_46     host2           1

The format of the weekly summary is like below. Basically I just wanna show the number of alerts for the last week and a column that shows the trend (total alerts of each week) for each week.

index     sparkline    total_alert
usage    -----/ \-------     1

I tried the following search and I was hoping the Splunk can make a sparkline based on three values (wk44: 0, wk45: 12, wk46: 1) so that when I review the data for the most recent week, I can also see the history trend, unfortunately the sparkline doesn't work as I expected (spike in the middle). In the beginning I tried sparkline(ttl_alert), it doesn't work either.

| stats sum(num_of_alert) AS ttl_alert by index week | stats sparkline(sum(ttl_alert)) last(ttl_alert) by index

Can anyone advise how to make this work?


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Sparkline is looking for _time in events stream...

If data is already preformatted to week you will need to convert week to time I think.
| eval _time=somethingthatconvertsweekstotime


After you convert weeks to _time above, below should work.

| stats sparkline(sum(numofalert)) AS trend sum(numofalert) AS total_alert by index

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