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How to dynamically change dropdown values based on radio button selection



I am planning to display some server in the drop down based on the selection of dropdown.
From the image, I want to select all servers in test10 series when 1.0 is selected.
i.e when 1.0 is selected I need to display test10-19 in a dropdown,
when 2.0 selected I need to display test20-29 and
when 3.0 is selected I need to display test30-39 in dropdown.

alt text

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How you are populating Server dropdown?

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These are static server names. Not necessarily need to be just 10 of them. There may be multiple servers. I can have a list of servers that need to populate in dropdown when a radio button is selected.

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Then you need to somehow label those servers so that when the 1.0 radio button is selected, it knows which servers to populate the drop down with. One way to do it is a lookup, but this requires maintenance to stay accurate.

If this is the case, then please add this detail and I'm sure you'll get a number of solutions. The answer I posted below would still work, but lines 24-27 would need to be updated to pick rows from the lookup table and assign the field for value and label correctly.

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This gets you pretty close I believe:

  <label>dynamic dropdown</label>
  <fieldset submitButton="false">
    <input type="time" token="dateTime">
    <input type="radio" token="category">
      <choice value="0">1.0</choice>
      <choice value="1">2.0</choice>
      <choice value="2">3.0</choice>
        <set token="mult">$value$</set>
        <set token="form.Server"></set>
        <set token="Server"></set>
    <input type="dropdown" token="Server">
        <query>| makeresults count=10 | eval Test=1 | accum Test | eval Test=Test+9+($mult$*10) | eval Test="Test".Test</query>
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