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How to drilldrown from longitude and latitude fields from a table to the center of a map visualization with the selected location?

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I built a dashboard which has two panels: a "table" on the top and follow a "map"
The table has longitude / latitude fields and other detailed information.

What I want to do is drilldown the longitude / latitude into the map and change the map center to the location of the selected data.

Is that possible?
I guess I should write some javascript code to get the tokens and then change the map center, but I don't know how to do that in detail...

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Primary Panel Type: Map should have

        <set token="center">($click.lat.value$,$click.lon.value$)</set>
        <set token="bounds">($click.bounds.south$,$click.bounds.west$,$click.bounds.north$,$click.bounds.east$)</set>
        <set token="filter">latitude>=$click.bounds.south$ latitude<$click.bounds.north$ longitude>=$click.bounds.west$ longitude<$click.bounds.east$</set>

Secondary Panel Type: Map should have

          | your look up| search $filter$ | geostats latfield=latitude longfield=longitude sum(count) as count
      <option name="mapping.map.fitBounds">$bounds$</option>
      <option name="mapping.map.center">$center$</option>