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How to drilldown to a dashboard from a dashboard list


Hi All,
I am listing all my dashboard on a homepage as shown below(also refer the attached screenshot).alt text

Dashboard Host
Energy Dashboard - Development Server1
Energy Dashboard - Production Server2
Energy Dashboard - QA Server3

I want a drilldown option on dashboard name so that when a user clicks on homepage name, system should oprn the selected dashboard.
Please note that $click.value$ will not work here because display name of dashboard is different from actual value of dashboard. e.g. Display name is "Energy Dashboard - Development" and value of dashboard is "energy_dashboard__development".

Value field which contains values(energy_dashboard__development) can not be displayed in the list but then I build my dashboard link using the drilldown mechanish system should pick the value from Value column(which is not on display) and dashboard link should be build something like below.


instead of

https:my_splunk_instance:8000/app/my_app_name/Energy Dashboard - Development (which gives me nothing)

Any help is really appriciated.

Rajnish Kumar

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Try something like this

  <label>Dashboard List</label>
          <query>| gentimes start=-1 | eval Dashboard="My First sampple;Second sample;Thirt-Dasboard - name" | table Dashboard | makemv Dashboard delim=";" | mvexpand Dashboard | eval dbname=replace(Dashboard,"[ -]","_")</query>
        <option name="wrap">true</option>
        <option name="rowNumbers">false</option>
        <option name="dataOverlayMode">none</option>
        <option name="drilldown">row</option>
        <drilldown target="_blank">
        <option name="count">10</option>
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Hi somesoni2,
I have created a "dbname" field in my search as per you suggestion. I have verified that this field is getting the value as per my expectation i.e. "energy_dashboard__development" but when I use this field(using $row.dbname$) in the link property on drilldown(in dashboard xml) I get below error.

"Invalid view name requested: "$row.dbname$". View names may only contain alphanumeric characters."

I am creating link as given below.




Please let me know if you have any idea why I am getting this error when I click on the dashboard name in the table.

Many thanks in advance.

Rajnish Kumar

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