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How to drilldown selected choices from one multiselect input form to another multiselect input form (on another dashboard)?


I have 2 dashboards say "Summary View Dashboard" and "Details Dashboard". Both dashboards have multiselect input say "Account". User could have chosen multiple choices for "Account" at the "Summary View Dashboard". I would like to find out a way to carry these selected values for "Account" from"Summary View Dashboard" when drilldown-ed to "Details Dashboard". Would really appreciate any help.

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Hi, you can use the drilldown tag to achieve this.

Example summary view dashboard


In the details dashboard, you can use the accounts variable as $accounts_selected$


Hi shariinPH,
did you already seen the Splunk Dashboard Examples App ( https://splunkbase.splunk.com/app/1603/ )?
in this App there are some examples of tokens use cases.
Anyway, you have to pass the token to the drilldown:
if your multiselect input token is called "my_token", in the drilldown section you have to put something like this:

   <link target="_blank">/app/my_app/my_secondary_form?my_token=$mytoken$</link>

in this way, you pass the multi-input choices to the secondary dashboard.
Obviously, you have to manage it in the secondary dashboard, but in the Example App you can find an example of this.


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