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How to display only certain fields from data source in table for dashboard studio?

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I have been building a dashboard in dashboard studio and was looking for some help wrt implementing the fields option in XML dashboard in dashboard studio

If my panel in XML dashboard has like 5 fields and I want to display only 3 in the table, we can use this


However when I download the panel results, I will still be able to view all the 5 fields with this


I am looking to do something same in dashboard studio and I am not able to get the functionality. I have tried using header option in Table option and didn't get any success.


"type": "splunk.table",
"options": {
"tableFormat": {
"headerBackgroundColor": "#0E6162",
"rowBackgroundColors": "> table | seriesByIndex(0) | pick(tableAltRowBackgroundColorsByBackgroundColor)",
"rowColors": "> rowBackgroundColors | maxContrast(tableRowColorMaxContrast)",
"headerColor": "> headerBackgroundColor | maxContrast(tableRowColorMaxContrast)"
"backgroundColor": "#ffffff",
"table": "> [\"field1\",\"field2\"]", -> didnt work
"headers": "> table | getField([\"field1\",\"field2\"])", -> didnt work
"showInternalFields": false
"dataSources": {
"primary": "ds_TlbXBz5i"
"context": {},
"showProgressBar": false,
"showLastUpdated": false
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