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How to display labels of the custom time range picker in the dashboard?



I have a custom time range picker, which I defined in the local times.conf of my app:



header_label = UPG
label = 2208
earliest_time = 20220819
latest_time = 20230217
order = 501


It works kind of okay, but I am not getting my label displayed when I pick the time in the dashboard, it gets translated to the date:

when I choose from the picker:


I will get displayed in the dashboard:


What do I do wrong?


The second question would be, if there is a way to set the default of the time picker based on the dynamic fetch from the times.conf. The point is that I am updating the times.conf on daily basis at os level with crontab, then refresh the conf-times entity for the time ranges to appear in the picker. This works fine, but with the new ranges coming, I would like also to change the default for the picker in my dashboard (e.g. setting it to last time range event, being last software upgrade for instance).

And the last question would be, if there is any way to make these time ranges visible only in my particular dashboard. I have set it on the App-Level, but the app has many dashboards and I do not need them there. It confuses the users. Or at least club them is a separate category like Presets2 (e.g. SoftwareUpgrades).

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