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How to disable Time Picker, but add "From Date" and "To Date" inputs with time constraints to a dashboard?

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  • Disable Time picker
  • Add two prompts From_Date and To_Date
  • Add constraints to these prompts for example, from_date cannot be more than (Today - 15 days), To_Date cannot be more than from_date+2 days etc..

What steps I need to follow to achieve this?

thanks, ronak

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Right, Please see below;

To disable time picker: Click edit -> Edit panels -> push the x next to the timepicker

To add prompts, which I believe you mean 2 input fields, you can use the form elements and set tokens, i.e. $fromdate$

To add constraints, you could use a number field, and set a maximum number of 15, or alternatively, use a drop-down with -1d, -2d, -3d etc.

Hope this is what you're looking for, if not leave a comment and I'll get back to you

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