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How to delete many unused dashboards?


I need help.
My question is related to unused dashboards.

Curently I have more than 2000 dashboard unused, I need a method to disable and delete from my Splunk Cluster.
Did anyone apply a procedure to remove a large number of panels from the Splunk Cluster?
wich steps I need to delete thats dashboards?

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Hi @grivera_kudaw,
you can delete dashboards from UI interface as an administrator.

My hint is to search in _internal how long they aren't used:

 index="_internal" user!="-"  sourcetype=splunkd_ui_access "en-US/app"  
| rex field=uri "en-US/app/(?<app>[^/]+)/(?<dashboard>[^?/\s]+)"
| search  dashboard!="search" dashboard!="home" dashboard!="alert" dashboard!="lookup_edit" dashboard!="@go" dashboard!="data_lab" dashboard!="dataset" dashboard!="datasets" dashboard!="alerts" dashboard!="dashboards" dashboard!="reports" dashboard!="report" 


 index="_internal" user!="-"  sourcetype=splunkd_ui_access "en-US/app"  
| rex field=uri "en-US/app/(?<app>[^/]+)/(?<dashboard>[^?/\s]+)"
| search  dashboard="my_unused_dashboard"

so you can be sure that the dashboard is unused in the last period.

To be more sure you could also change access rights on the deleting dashboards (recording old rights) and wait for a period that none shous!
Then you can delete them from UI interface as an administrator, eventually copying sources in a test off-line file.


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