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How to delete cached JavaScript files pulled in by require.config in Splunk JS?


In my dashboard, I have passed in some JavaScript which will do some UI rendering, but it first pulls in a compiled React component from the bundle.js file in the require.config path. What I noticed is that the compiled bundle.js seems to get cached somewhere and doesn't get overwritten if I recompile my code to that same named file. It still renders the content from the old bundle.js file. Only when I recompile the React component to a different named file (bundle2.js) and set that in my path, it was able to render the new content. I have tried doing a server reset, server bump, and server refresh, but none of them seem to be removing it. Is there a directory where Splunk saves the files specified in the require.config path and I need to manually delete it from there? As it stands now, I have to rename my bundle.js to something unique every time I make changes to my React component and recompile it.

  paths: {

require(['splunkjs/mvc', 'react', 'react-dom', 'dashboard-container'], function(
) {
  const search = mvc.Components.get('base1');
  const searchResults = search.data('results', {count: 0, output_mode: 'json'});

  searchResults.on('data', () => {
    if (searchResults.data()) {
      const FIELDS = ['Name', 'Drilldown', 'range'];
      const serviceList = [];
      const {results} = searchResults.data();

      for (const row of results) {
        const service = {};
        for (const field of FIELDS) {
          service[field] = row[field];


          {serviceList: serviceList},
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Does splunk restartss work for you from CLI?

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