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I am new to Splunk.

I have been given task to create a new view similar to existing view.

Things i have tried till now.
1. Went to user interface and created a new view and copied the code from existing view. But this is new view is not visible even after updating permissions.
2. Also, tried to clone the existing view and open it from user interface window. It opens at that time but i am unable to find it in the App.

Also, i have to add a text box in view.

Kindly advise.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Have you looked at the manual titled Developing Views and Apps for Splunk Web? There is an entire chapter in there about building advanced views.

If all you need to do is to create a dashboard (including forms and dynamic drilldown), then use simple XML and see the Dashboards and Visualizations manual.

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