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How to create sync between Drop-down inputs (Time and Multiselect) in terms of time selection


I have created a hotel bookings dashboard with multiple dropdowns (example: Content Source, Market, Point of Sale etc.) to see results for my date selection with Time dropdown.
My main timestamp (TimeLine dropdown) set to open the dashboard with Week to date to show the results in the reports in dashboard and other multiselect dropdowns (Channels, Market, Point of Sale) set for Year to date to load the data for it.
[Content Source means Amadeus, Sabre, Galileo, Booking.com etc., Market means UK, US, Canada, India, Dubai etc., Point of Sale: ABC, DEF, XYZ companies).
When I select main timestamp dropdown (TimeLine with Time) to Month to date then I expect to show all other multiselect dropdown inputs same as Month to date for all reports in the dashboard.

alt text

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