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How to create drilldown search displayed as pop-up box?


I know how to create a drilldown in my dashboard (classic) to link a search with the selected input that I click on for a visualization but is it possible to have the results displayed in a different manner?

Particularly I'm looking to have the search run and results displayed in a pop-up box rather than a separate tab.

I couldn't find any documentation addressing this specifically and I'm not great with XML. Either a point in the right direction or an answer would be greatly appreciated!

NOTE: In the instance I'm working with I cannot add .js files to reference so if it requires javascript, I'd have to put it in my dashboard code.

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Can you please check this app for a working example? 


Please also go through my below answers.



I hope this will help you.


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Follow up question: Can I use modal popups in the way I'm requesting or would I need to either covert the dashboard to HTML or use the separate javascript file?

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Thanks for the examples and references.

Do these have to be referenced as an XML extension, i.e., "<form script="ModalViewComponentSimple.js">?

Or can I add the contents of the ".js" to the dashboard XML directly?

I don't have the ability to add files to the Splunk directory.

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