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How to create a pie chart based on "keywords" found in a field?

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index=timswindows sourcetype=ActiveDirectory
   [search index=timswindows sourcetype=WinEventLog EventCode=4624 Account_Name!="-"
   | dedup Account_Name
   | stats values(Account_Name) as sAMAccountName]
| dedup distinguishedName
|fields sAMAccountName, distinguishedName, host
|chart count by distinguishedName

The field in question is "distinguishedName".

There about 4 possible keywords that could be in this field.

How do I filter them out in the chart?

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It should work the way that you have it. What exactly is the problem? Post sample events and a mockup of your desired outcome when you followup.

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The output I get using the original syntax generates a chart with data from the field "distinguishedName."

The problem is, it shows 34 events. Some are duplicate users but different categories.

Example of a events currently in this field:


In the distinguishedName field there about 4 possible keywords assigned to each user.
I want to search the field for a keyword, then show 4 keyword categories: breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner in my pie chart.

I want my pie chart to show how many times a "dinner" event occurred. This way I wont see Joes name 20 times on the chart. He will show up as one event for dinner and twice under snack.

The chart will only show 4 keyword categories:
breakfast - 1
lunch - 0
snack - 2
dinner - 1

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You need to add the transforming command i.e.

| stats count by distinguishedName.

Check the Statistics table after running the search to make sure that a single series generated. The table should have two columns.
DIstinguishedName and its values.

After this click on the visualization tab and click on Pie chart.

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