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How to create a histogram?


Hey guys,

I'm trying to display some data in a histogram, is there a command that will allow me to create a histogram?

Say the fields I want to use are JavaMemory as the x axis and the amount of times it went over 75 as the y axis. The source of the field would just be source="C:\blah"

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Your example is not strictly a histogram. A basic histogram for a variable would be a chart of the frequency of values for that variable. A simple histogram for your JavaMemory field might work like:

source=C:\blah | chart count by JavaMemory

If you want to filter the criteria going into the histogram, then maybe this:

source=C:\blah | search JavaMemory > 75 | chart count by JavaMemory

Does this get close to what you're looking for?


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