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How to create a below table?

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I Have a table which is a result of below mentioned query. It displays the different parameter values over different servers.

Parameter Server1 Server2 Server3 Server4 Server5 ....

index=auto_prod_cm_comparisions sourcetype=auto_prod_details_log source="/logs/web/output/smartauction2.0/_host_details.log" ":" "architecture" OR "cpu" OR "CPU(s)" NOT crtime NOT cstates_count NOT cstates
NOT snaptime NOT pstates_nsec NOT _ID NOT *_id earliest=-48h |rex field=_raw "(?:[^:\n]:){3}(?.)\s(?.)" |rex field=source "(\d+_){2}(?.\w\d)_" | search Server_Name ="*wb"
|chart limit=0 values(abc) over Parameter1 by Server_Name

How to create a table which adds one more column to above table and display Message as "same" if value of a Parameter is same for each server and display Message as "not same" if for any server we have a different value for that particular parameter.


Parameter Message Server1 Server2 Serevr3 .....

can someone help me update the above query to get the desired result. the view should be same , just need to add one cloumn i.e. "Message" which will display message "same" and "not same" based on comparing a particular parameter values of different servers.

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