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How to convert views found under nav.xml to advanced XML?


view name=dashboards

=> way to make the advanced XML?

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Use this advanced XML code to create your dashboard ,you can modify request and the options like you want

<view template="dashboard.html">
    <label>My Dashboard</label>
    <module name="AccountBar" layoutPanel="appHeader"/>
    <module name="AppBar" layoutPanel="navigationHeader"/>
    <module name="Message" layoutPanel="messaging">
    <param name="filter">*</param>
    <param name="clearOnJobDispatch">False</param>
    <param name="maxSize">1</param>

    <module name="HiddenSearch" layoutPanel="panel_row1_col1"
    group="Messages per minute last hour" autoRun="True">
    <param name="search">
    search index=_internal eps group=per_source_thruput NOT
    filetracker Metrics
    | eval events=eps*kb/kbps | timechart sum(events)
    <param name="earliest">-1h</param>
    <module name="ResultsHeader">
    <param name="entityName">scanned</param>
    <param name="entityLabel">Events</param>
    <module name="FlashChart">
    <param name="height">180px</param>
    <param name="width">100%</param>
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Hi kedjjand,
Follow the link http://docs.splunk.com/Documentation/Splunk/6.2.2/AdvancedDev/AdvancedDashboard. This is will help you!

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