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How to colour trellis charts when split by search?



I am new to using Splunk and I'm looking for a bit of expertise.

I've generated a timechart for CPU statistics on some of our tasks. I have then split this in the dashboard via a search term which seperate the visuals into each task using Trellis view.

Task view.png
However, I can't figure out how to get each of these fields into a different colour. When I tried to use the answers from various pages I think I might have done it wrong.

The search field is called TASK. Is there any way for me to colour by TASK in a timechart?

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Most color options are based on series (order of field names) or the exact field name itself.  Since your trellis is broken out by a different option it is unlikely you can assign different colors as the measured field name stays the same across each graph.

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