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How to change search string based on the drop down


I want to change the search string based on my dropdown, How do I?

Dropdown contains following Items-> TELNET, SESSION, USER, GLOBAL

if type=TELNET
sourcetype=src_telnet | stats ... | table * | rename ..... | where ....

else if type=SESSION
sourcetype=src_session | stats ... | table * | rename ..... | where ....

so on...

I cant do replacestring because my search is completely different from each other.
How can I do this in advanced XML?


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Re: How to change search string based on the drop down


This is actually pretty easy. Save yourself the headache and do this using the pulldown module available from sideview utils. Here is snippet of what it will look like.

    <module name="Pulldown" layoutPanel="panel_row2_col1" autoRun="True">
    <param name="staticFieldsToDisplay">
        <param name="value">your first search</param>
        <param name="label">Telnet</param>
        <param name="value">your second search</param>
        <param name="label">session</param>
    <param name="name">selectedReport</param>
    <param name="label">Show</param>
    <module name="Search">
      <param name="search">$selectedReport$</param>
      <param name="earliest">-1h</param>
      <param name="latest">now</param>
      <module name="Pager">
        <param name="entityName">results</param>
        <module name="SimpleResultsTable">
          <param name="entityName">results</param>
          <param name="displayRowNumbers">False</param>

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