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How to change search fields inside dashboard based upon other chosen fields?

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trying to setup an interactive dashboard that takes user inputs and runs various searches.

First we select data type in $field1
Then enter text for that data in $field2 (the search string)
Then we select a radio button that tells us what type of data to look for ($field3) (the index)

Then run a simple search like

index=$field3$ $field1$=$field2$

The issue is that I need the value of $field1$ to change based on the value of $field3$, e.g. if $field3="pop" I want to set $field1 = "user", but if $field3="imp" I want to set $field1 = "auth"

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I done similar things in the past based on post-process searches. The user would start by selecting the index they want to search from a list (your "field3"). Then a search is executed for the values that can be "field1".

Essentially, you are going from broadest category (the index) to more specific values (such as source type).

If your indexes and source type (or whatever "field1" represents) is static, then you should be able to do something similar with a lookup table.

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