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How to change font in beta dashboard



How can I change font size and family in the dashboard beta app?

I can change font size / family by using code but they only work in text box.



                "fontSize": 21,
                "fontFamily": "Helvetica"



I need to change font in table and charts too, but the same code that works in the text box, won't work anywhere else. I can only change font color.
Here is example from my code that does not work: 



"type": "viz.area",
            "options": {
                "axisY2.enabled": true,
                "backgroundColor": "transparent",
                "fontColor": "#FF0000",
                "legend.placement": "top",
                "seriesColors": "[#5FBCFF, #C6335F]",
                "axisTitleY.text": "Orders",
                "axisTitleX.text": "Date",
                "fontSize": 18,
                "fontFamily": "Verdana"



This code only changes font color, but not font size or font family. 
Thanks in advance. 
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@alrisha as of now only font color seems to be available configuration for viz elements like table in Beta Dashboard : https://docs.splunk.com/Documentation/DashApp/latest/DashApp/chartsTable

You can definitely put in the idea for CSS style configuration for visualizations in Beta Dashboard app using ideas.splunk.com by navigating to Apps & Add On > Supported Apps > Dashboard App (Beta)

Do vote other features you think are necessary.


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