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How to call a token inside another token in dashboard

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lookup contains fileds called arguments and values like
ip=$ip$, location=$location$
domanin=$domain$ location=$location$

I select $arguments$ from dropdown, search contains $arguments$ token and token values will be values of lookup table, values cantains token like ip, location, domain etc. token value changes based on drop-down selection.
I am getting null in results, without input(ip,location and domain_name etc) splunk running table search

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XMl looks like


<input type="dropdown" token="arguments">
       <choice value="*">All</choice>
         <query> |inputlookup lookup_name | table arguments</query>



<input type="text" token="domain_name">

   <searchString>index=_internal  | table ip, lcation  | append [| makeresults | $arguments$ ] | table ip, lcation    </searchString>
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If I understood your question correctly your table search is not working right?

Can you try $form.argument$ instead of $argument$ in your table query?


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