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How to align elements horizontally inside the same panel?


Hi all

I would like to have 3 different elements (in my case - status indicator) aligned horizontally inside the same panel - being side by side.

My XML structure is:

      viz type="status_indicator_app.status_indicator"
     viz type="status_indicator_app.status_indicator"
     viz type="status_indicator_app.status_indicator"

It is appearing in 3 different rows in the same column (aligned vertically), however i want to show the 3 elements in the same row in the same painel (aligned horizontally).

Important to say that before this panel, I have other panel - so I have tried the bellow JS but not working because not able to get the second ".panel-element-row"....

// Grab the first rows
" var row1 = $('.panel-element-row').first();"
" var row2 = row1.next();"
 // Get the  cells
" var cell1 = $('#element1');"
" var cell2 = $('#element2');"
 // Move second cell to first row
" cell2.appendTo(row1);"
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@danillopavan which version of Splunk are you on? If you are on Splunk 6.6 or higher you can use Trellis to Split the Status Indicators. Refer to one of my older answers : https://answers.splunk.com/answers/606444/can-i-create-a-visual-of-the-status-of-a-file-usin.html

| makeresults | eval message= "Happy Splunking!!!"
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