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How to add external Image in Dashboard in Splunk Cloud

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I have image stored in sharepoint and i am trying to show it in dashboard. Since it is Splunk cloud i do not have access to place the image under static/app on Search Heads.Below is the code i am using in the dashboard but the image isnt coming up. I did check the url and it is loading the image

<img style="padding-top:60px" height="92" href="https://sharepoint.com/:i:/r/sites/Shared%20Documents/Pictures/Untitled%20picture.png?csf=1&amp;web=..." width="272" alt="Terraform "></img>




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Is that image public - I can click on it, but just get redirected to sharepoint main page - so presumably Splunk Cloud can't also get the image.

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I gave dummy URL here, but i do have one private URL where it is working fine

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