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How do you dynamically pass parameters over two dashboards?

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I defined a lookup file with

Country Router lat lon Name Town
EG AA368Z 30.0771 31.2859 Egypt Cairo
With a search using a geostat command, I show the various router on the map (dashboard1)

On the map selecting the "dot" corresponding to one specific location, I was looking to pass this parameter to another dashboard.

That way, I could run searches only for the selected router/country.

Any help will be useful

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Hi arkonner,

You can easily pass any clicked value to another dashboard using Drilldown setting of the map.

Your destination dashboard should have an input that selects router/county.

  • Lets's say destination token name is router_token and map field name on your source dashboard is router_name.
  • On drilldown editor select Link to dashboard as On Click event, choose relevant App and Dashboard.
  • On Advanced>Parameters you should set as form.router_token = $row.router_name$

When you click on a router on the map it will open the destination dashboard with router_tokenvalue set.

I hope this helps.

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