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How do I search to include/exclude weekends based on naming convention of field?



I need to calculate the average runtimes for jobs over the last 60 days. For some jobs, i only want to look at weekdays, and for some jobs, I want to include both weekdays & weekends.

For example jobNames that have wkly in the name should include both weekdays & weekends. Everything else just weekdays.

Here is the search so far. Right now, it is a blanket search to exclude weekends for everything. How do I include weekends for when isWeekly = "weekly"

index=autosys source="Jobs" status="RUNNING" jobName=(some jobname filtering) earliest=-60d@d
    | eval isWeekly=if(LIKE(jobName,"*wkly*"),"weekly", "notWeekly")
    | eval day_of_week = strftime(_time,"%A")
    | where NOT (day_of_week="Saturday" OR day_of_week="Sunday")
    | stats avg(runTime) as "Average Runtime in Seconds" count(jobName) as "Run Count" by jobName
    | sort -"Average Runtime in Seconds"
    | sort -_time
    | eval strSecs=tostring('Average Runtime in Seconds',"duration")
    | eval strFormatSecs=if(match(strSecs,"\+"),replace(strSecs,"(\d+)\+(\d+)\:(\d+)\:(\d+)","\1 Day \2 Hr \3 Min \4 Secs"),replace(strSecs,"(\d+)\:(\d+)\:(\d+)","\1 Hr \2 Min \3 Secs")) 
    | rename strFormatSecs AS "$CompletionType$: Average Runtime"
    | rename "Run Count" AS "$CompletionType$: Run Count"
    | fields jobName "$CompletionType$: Average Runtime"
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One solution: Assign the value(s) you're evaluating to new fields conditionally. Sample:

...| eval DAY=strftime(_time,"%a"), 
      RUNTIME=if(match(DAY,"Sat|Sun") and !match(jobName,"wkly"),null,runTime),
   | stats sum(RUNTIME) as RUNTIME by jobName

If the log is on the weekend and does not have wkly in the name, RUNTIME will be null. When DAY is a weekday, set RUNTIME to runTime, else keep the RUNTIME value from the first eval.

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Just replace your where condition

| where NOT (day_of_week="Saturday" OR day_of_week="Sunday") with

 | where (isWeekly="notWeekly" AND NOT (day_of_week="Saturday" OR day_of_week="Sunday")) OR isWeekly="weekly"
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