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How do I restyle the report email that is send from a scheduled report?

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I currently send an email everyday using a scheduled trigger and would like to update the styling of the report. How do I do this?

Also, nobody ever want's to receive a PDF in their inbox.

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hi chuster
Alerts are reports that have had extra settings configured for them. You can add or change alert settings with the Searches and Reports page in Settings. Here's how you do it:

1 .Go to Settings > Searches and reports. On the Searches and Reports listing page, locate the search you'd like to update. If you're updating an existing alert, look for a search with the same name as the alert.

2.Click the report name to open the report detail page. The report detail page contains all of the settings that you would otherwise see in the Save As Alert dialog box, plus a few additional alerting settings that are only available on this page.

3. Enter or update the alert settings as necessary.
4. Click Save to save your changes.
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Thanks but there's no settings on that page to change the style or design of the report.

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Hi chustar

To do this
1- Go to search bar write and run your request .
2-Click on save as tab then on Alert , and begin to fill the form which appear.
After fill the first form , click on next to fill the second where you will click on Send Email and in Include you will choose the format of your report.
3- For more information follow the link below

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Thanks but that option doesn't allow me to change the style of how the report looks.

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