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How can i make a drilldown just on a specific column of a table in Dashboard Studio?


Hi there,

I am trying to convert dashboards from Simple XML to Dashboard Studio, but there are certain features that seem like they don't exist.

In this particular use case, i have a table with multiple fields like user, website and so forth.

What I want is Drilldowns, which only work when a certain column is clicked:

  • When clicked on the "user" column, I want to set the field of the column and row as a token.
  • When clicked on the "website" column, I want to open a link to whois of this domain.

This works quite well with Simple XML, as i can just set conditions on the field:


  <condition field="website">
    <link target="_blank">https://who.is/whois/$row.website$</link>
  <condition field="user">
    <set token="username">$row.user$</set>



But how do I do that in JSON in the Dashboard Studio? I know that by adding multiple entries with "eventHandlers", I can specify multiple different types of drilldowns, even though the UI just allows you one:


"eventHandlers": [
        "type": "drilldown.setToken",
        "options": {
            "tokens": [
                    "token": "username",
                    "key": "row.user.value"
        "type": "drilldown.customUrl",
        "options": {
            "url": "https://who.is/whois/$row.website.value$",
            "newTab": true


However, I can't find a way to set a condition on a field like in Simple XML.

Can anybody tell me how i can do this with JSON? Docs don't mention real coding with JSON.


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