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Horseshoe visualisation - Complex Logic

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I've been struggling with the horseshoe visualisation for a couple days. I have a specific scenario I would like to present but not sure if this can be done:

I have a table with 2 rows and 3 fields per row: source, count, status. Example:


sourceA,200,0(not breached)

sourceB,100,0(not breached)

sourceC, 100,1(breached)

I would like to show a horseshoe per source (trellis) where the dial shows the count but the color is based on the status. So, for instance, sources B and C would be similar looking (count-wise) but the color would be different as one is breached and the other one is not...

Is that possible? I've seen some posts about showing a different value as a token, but this doesn't work because 1-I need to work with multiple sources and 2-Each row may have its own threshold....

Thanks! 🙂

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Are you using the built-in radial gauge or the custom horseshoe meter?

The horseshoe meter trellis option splits by aggregation (column), so your results should include one event with one field per value:

| makeresults count=3
| streamstats count
| eval value=round(100*random()/2147483647)
| fields - _time
| transpose 0 header_field=count
| fields - column


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Loves-to-Learn Lots



I was talking about the horseshoe meter... 


The challenge comes when trying to apply different thresholds per horseshoe when using trellis and to display a value but the color of the threshold is based on another field... I actually found a visualization that allows this, the "Display Number Viz". It is a game changer for me 🙂



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