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HEC not working properly with multiple indexes

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I have an HEC configured as follows:

disabled = 0
index = index1
indexes = index1, index2, index3, index4
token = <token>
sourcetype = _json

however when I test the endpoint using the command: curl -k -L https://<mysplunkurl>/collector -H 'Authorization: Splunk <token>' -d '{"sourcetype": "local_cURL test", "event":"Test Event For New Index"}'...I get a successful 200 response, but the event doesn't appear under any of the configured indexes.  Is this the correct configuration to send events to multiple indexes? 

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Hi @miena,

In HEC configuration "index" parameter sets the default index for events that no index defined as metadata. Since you didn't set index parameter on your test command, the event should go to "index1".

"indexes" parameter sets the permitted indexes for this input. This does not mean it will be duplicated to all indexes.

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