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Getting error in automated Splunk reports PDF format

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Hello Team, I've created a dashboard and there are some metrics displayed for which am defining their meaning in the report by using html tags. When am receiving the reports am getting below error

Parse error: saw </font> instead of expected </b>paragraph text u'<para><font
face=Helvetica><para> <b>Note : </font><font face=HeiseiMin-W3>\u261e</font><font
face=Helvetica><br/> <u>[1]</u>: <i>Availability_Percentage:</i>

The HTML tag am using is as follows. Please help on how to rectify the error. My splunk version is 8.0.6


<b>Note : ☞<br/>
<i>Availability_Percentage:</i> </b> It is the Percentage of Successful over Expected <br/>
<i>Success_Percentage: </i>
</b> It is the Percentage of Successful Actual <br/>
</b> It is the Percentage of SLA Breached Runs over Actual

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