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Get number of trellis structures from job


I have a set of trellis items that I want to show in a dashboard. With the results though I want to set the height dynamically to show all the trellis structures correctly. Is there a way I can get the count returned from the job as to how many trellis' the job created?

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You can get the result count of the search in a <done> clause of your dashboard and set a token accordingly, e.g.

  <set token="results_count">$job.resultCount$</set>

but whether that corresponds to what you mean by the trellis item count will depend on your trellis aggregations.

If it doesn't, then you could make your search  a base search, then have another hidden panel using that base search, which then creates a single value, which represents the count you want and then use a similar <done> clause to set a token from that search, which you can then use, e.g.

  <set token="results_count">$result.trellisCount$</set>

where trellisCount is the column containing the count you need.

Hopefully this helps


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