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Get URL for Splunk ITSI Glasstables with Service Swappning


I have a glass table which has multiple services and each of the services has multiple KPIs mapped on the glasstable as in the below image.

When i click on Circle (KPI 1) within the respective service, it takes me to a another glasstable which has Service swapping enable. I did generated a unique URL by clicking on each of the services and then put that in the drilldown of the orignal glass table circle click.

What is happening is that on clicking it takes to the another glasstable but always default (service 1) is selected by default irrespective if i click on service 2 or 3 or any one. I made it very sure that the URL is correct.

Also i found that if i select say respective service from the service swapping menu of the glass table the URl changes with the service ID, but if i just copy paste the same URL into another tab it resets to default service.

The same i have to do with click on square (KPI 2) and it should take to a glasstable where respective service should be selected as from where the click came from.

inshort how do i drilldown from Glasstable 1 to Glasstable 2 (with service swapping) with respective service selected from the dropdown.

alt text