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Filtering a table by a bucket_time span



I have a dashboard with two parts - a table based on an existing dataset, and a column chart based on this query:


| bucket _time span=day | stats count by _time


The full table code looks like this:


    "type": "splunk.column",
    "dataSources": {
        "primary": "..."
    "title": "...",
    "options": {
        "x": "> primary | seriesByName('_time')",
        "y": "> primary | frameBySeriesNames('count')",
        "legendDisplay": "off",
        "xAxisTitleVisibility": "hide",
        "yAxisTitleText": "...",
        "showYAxisWithZero": true
    "eventHandlers": [],
    "context": {},
    "showProgressBar": false,
    "showLastUpdated": false


I want a click on any column to filter the table based on global_time - if I click on March 22, it filters the table to only show records where the _time is Mar 22 00:00:00 to Mar 22 23:59:59. How do I do that?

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