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I have a dashboard that features two panels. Each panel has it's own search base, and the results of the bottom panel are filtered based on a selection made in the top panel.

What I would like to do is include a button or something on the dashboard so once the user has filtered the data in the dashboard to just the values they are interested in they can click a button (or some similar mechanism) and have results export to report or search window or CSV. I know each panel has an export button on it but that exports the values of those panels individually. What I would like to do is open a completely new search using token values from each panel.

Is such a thing possible?

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A workaround is possible,have you explored the dashboard drilldown features?

Now, this allows you to open a new window on clicking a cell / row in a panel.
in your case i would recommend having something like having a second dashboard combining the results of the 2 panels.
Now, implement a drill down FROM the second panel to open the second dashboard from a row/cell value from the second panel, typically this would work like clicking a row in the second panel which would then open up the second dashboard in a new window
Excerpt from the above splunk doc - In the drilldown editor, you can opt out of opening the drilldown target in a new tab. In Simple XML, add the target="blank" attribute to a to open the target in a new tab.
You could also consider the export button at the dashboard level which should export BOTH panels as a pdf, if that is suiting your needs

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