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Hi All,
I would like to automatically populate the drop drop down list using one of the 2 fields or both.
The issue is that I have to click in both input fields to trigger "Search on change"
In the img below, in the field1 I put "*" so the correct behavior should be to populate the field3.
The issue is that I have to just click on field2, to populate field3.

query used to populate the field3:

| index=test field1=$token_field1$ OR field2=$token_field2$

Could you please help me on solving the issue below (without using javascript)? 🙂

alt text

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hi @andrewpagans - i see what you mean . what happens if you edit your field1 and field2 tokens and set under token options > default some text like 'select' or 'input text' or something like that?
If you do that, it should fire even when you change 1 field value

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