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Dynamic Drilldown URL View names may only contain alphanumeric characters.

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Hi All,

We're trying to do a dynamic drilldown to an external URL but it's reporting "View names may only contain alphanumeric characters." This is with specifying the drilldown as

    <drilldown target="_blank">

What's interesting is if we hardcode a URL say http://www.google.com it works, if we set the link to be say http://abc.com?query=$click.value2$ it works as well, just not if we ONLY set the link as $click.value2$. I've googled around without much answers so any thoughts on this would be much appreciated.


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Whenever you provide only the 'clicked value', then splunk probably thinks that it has to add the protocol as well as the app to redirect your URL correctly. If you check the resulted URL after your 'click', you can verify this - splunk prefixes the URL with current apps location.

For eg:


Whenever you hardcode the URL, splunk identifies the protocol and redirection URL and it does not add any prefixes .

So probably you will have to provide the urls without protocol (https/http) and add this as part of the if possible.

Please see here https://answers.splunk.com/answers/85517/drill-down-to-absolute-url-using-click-value.html if it helps

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