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Dropdown menu with sourcetypes


Hello, I would like to populate a dropdown in a form with all sourcetypes I have indexed. I remember something like "| metadata = sourcetype", but I am not sure. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance

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Re: Dropdown menu with sourcetypes


The search you're looking for is:

| metadata type=sourcetypes

And to get a dropdown, you can use a SearchSelectLister:

<module name="SearchSelectLister">
  <param name="settingToCreate">sourcetype</param>
  <param name="search">| metadata type=sourcetypes</param>
  <param name="label">sourcetype</param>
  <param name="searchWhenChanged">True</param>
  <param name="searchFieldsToDisplay">
      <param name="label">sourcetype</param>
      <param name="value">sourcetype</param>

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