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Drilldown pie chart to non visible column


I have a pie chart with Name/Count, but for each name there is a key which then refers to a row in a KV store for that name.

So, I have a table with

Name, Count, key

The pie chart displays as expected, but when I click on the chart segment for a given name, I an trying to capture the token

<set token="key">$row.key$</set>

However, that always returns $row.key$, so won't give me the actual column content. Using $row.Name$ or $row.Count$ gives me the data in the table.

I can't find if this is supported or not.

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In a pie chart you don't have a row. So for either key or value extraction to a token you'd need:

      <set token="key">$click.value$</set>
      <set token="value">$click.value2$</set>
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Technically you do have rows, just that the column dimension is only drawn from column 1 (entity) and column 2 (count). You can in practice have as many columns in the table the pie chart is drawn from and the click values $row.col1$ and $row.col2$ work, but sadly $row.col3$ does not.

That's a pain, as in event tables, you can include hidden fields by using the fields element, but this doesn't work in charts .

Just wondered if there was a way to solve this, as it makes the drilldown search have to repeat with a where clause, but even then it's not safe, as the where works on click.value, not the key needed and that's not unique.

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