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Drilldown launch of new dashboard w/parameters


Trying to create a dashboard system that will allow the user to start working from a summary dashboard and drill down to another browser tab to view "extreme detail".

I have most of the mechanics for the summary report and can launch the new tab with the detail however; I’m having problems figuring out the proper syntax to pass in the key values.

keyId is the driving value for the "Detail" dashboard. There may be one to many keyId values. Most likely no more than 10 but I can't get it to work with two.

Here's the scenarios (I hardcoded to take the parameter development out of the equation).

From the summary dashboard the following drilldown

    <drilldown target="Detail">

This successfully launches the new tab:

The resolved URL is:

The generated search command is:

.... | search keyId=001 | fields ...

However, if I add another keyId to the search the URL is modified on invocation.

    <drilldown target="Detail">
      <link> OR keyId=002

This is the modified URL:

The generated search command is:

.... | search keyId=001 OR keyId | fields ...

I've tried all manner of delimiters. I'm not seeing it.

Note: I have successfully used outputlookup to persist the lookup values into lookup table (from the summery dashboard) then use the lookup to drive searches in the detail report, but I would need to create a set of lookup files for every user. I see a lot of little turds being left all over the place....does not feel "best practice"...but if it's desired, I'm listening.

Any/All ideas are welcome! This includes a new recommended approach on launching the new tab.


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