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Drilldown from Table cell with Header column name from a combination of token and string


So I have the following issue...
Let's say I have a Splunk table, where is a rename on the end. The tokens can have different value, so the final header column is dynamic, as it depends on the token.


| table 1_aaa, 1_bbb, 1_ccc, 2_aaa, 2_bbb, 2_ccc, 3_aaa, 3_bbb, 3_ccc
| rename 1_aaa as "1. $aaa$", 1_bbb as "1. $bbb$", 1_ccc as "1. $ccc$",
         2_aaa as "2. $aaa$", 2_bbb as "2. $bbb$", 2_ccc as "2. $ccc$",
         3_aaa as "3. $aaa$", 3_bbb as "3. $bbb$", 3_ccc as "3. $ccc$"


The formatting is working properly:


<format type="color" field="1. $aaa$">
  <colorPalette type="list">[#5b708f]</colorPalette>


But the drilldown not. I tried the below conditions, but without success.


  <condition match="$click.name2$ = 1. $aaa$">
  <condition match="$click.name2$ = &quot;1. $aaa$&quot;">
  <condition match="$click.name2$ = &quot;1. &quot;$aaa$">
  <condition match="match('click.name2', 1. $aaa$)">
  <condition match="match('click.name2', &quot;1. $aaa$&quot;)">
  <condition match="match('click.name2', &quot;1. &quot;$aaa$)">
  <condition match="match('click.name2', '1. $aaa$')">


Is there a way to do it somehow with such a combination?

As a possible workaround, without a combination of string&token it works properly, but I rather go without it as then I unnecessarily need to create a separate token for each column:


<set token="1_aaa">1. $result.aaa$</set>
<set token="1_bbb">1. $result.bbb$</set>
<set token="1_ccc">1. $result.ccc$</set>
| table 1_aaa, 1_bbb, 1_ccc, 2_aaa, 2_bbb, 2_ccc
| rename 1_aaa as "$1_aaa$", 1_bbb as "$1_bbb$", 1_ccc as "$1_ccc$", 
         2_aaa as "$2_aaa$", 2_bbb as "$2_bbb$", 2_ccc as "$2_ccc$",
         3_aaa as "$3_aaa$", 3_bbb as "$3_bbb$", 3_ccc as "$3_ccc$"
<format type="color" field="$1_aaa$">
  <colorPalette type="list">[#5b708f]</colorPalette>
  <condition match="$click.name2$ = $1_aaa$">


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