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Hi ,
I have values like

Failure Ignored Partial Success
0 803 23 0
24 0 0 0
192 1 0 0
23 6 21 45
3 2 4 31
5 89 4 85

My requirement is to create a pie chart with the above values ( i mean with each column total count).These total columns should be
Show breakdown by Success/ Failure / Partial Success / Ignored. Show a pie chart for the week

with above data , i need to create a drill down for the above piechart

When i select anyone of the above values like (Success,Failure,Ignored,Partial) ,I have the row value as Name which has machine name as its values.

My search is ,
index=macqw2|fillnull|search name="Saqpedc102" |eventstats sum(Current_Failure) as Failure,sum(Current_Ignored) as Ignored,sum(Current_Partial) as Partial,sum(Current_Success) as Success |transpose|Rename "column" as Delta|search Delta="Ignored"|table Site Partial Success Failure Ignored

I am getting error for this when i click th pie chart .Please help me with the search

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You can drill down to a custom search.

check this docs:

Hope I was able to help you. If so, an upvote would be appreciated.
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Thank you for the search .But i am in need of search which automatically picks the values and provide the drill down.

Pls provide me that search .

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