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We have a powershell script which collects all the data/information from all Domain controllers, the data/information is mainly about services (start/stop). The script executes every 2 hours and csv file is mailed to one group.

We want to integrate that powershell script in splunk to create a dashboard so the monitoring team can monitor. All our DC's have splunk installed

So lookin for some documentation or link which can be helpful to start the dashboard or any different way to integrate into splunk

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Hi @Anup_Ghonge,

does your Powershell script use WMI or is it locally executed on Domain Controllers?

If WMI I hint to avoid it it isn't an efficient ed secure solution.

If it's locally executed, you could launch it from Splunk Universal Forwarder taking results directly (avoiding CSV).

Please see:




In few words, you have to:

  • put your Powershell script in the bin folder of an Add-On,
  • put in the inputs.conf a stanza that executes the script with the frequency you want,
  • script output is directly sent to the UF and from it to the Indexer.

At the same time, see in splunkbase (apps.splunk.com) if there's an Add-on the makes the same things, so you don't need to modify you script.

When you'll have the script output in Splunk, you'll be able to create a sourcetype to read it and the dashboards, reports and alerts you want.



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