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Display Duration, Start Time, End Time in chart visualization

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I am having a hard time figuring out what approach should I use on this.

Basically what I am doing is displaying the duration of the job to finish using the start_time and end_time field and computing the difference between them and display it as a linechart using timechart command.

The problem is I also want to include in the visualization not just the duration but also the start and end time.

The approach that I was thinking but having a hard time thinking on how to execute is .
1. Customize the X-axis label and include the start and end time
2. Customize the tooltip label and include the start and end time

alt text

so base on this screenshot first column is my date, second column is the duration and third and fourth column is the start and end time.


HI Rosello,

I am not sure if this can happen using Line chart, try using column chart/Bar chart which can fit in all three details (Duration, Start and End time).

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