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Difference between ViewRedirector and ViewRedirectorLink


So I don't understand the difference between ViewRedirector and ViewRedirectorLink modules. I was handed some Advanced XML that I'm maintaining, and would like if someone could explain what this pattern does:

<!-- ... charting.* column chart stuff -->




So I think that 'ViewRedirectorLink' creates the 'View Results' link, but I can't figure out what the 'ConvertToDrilldownSearch' with nested 'ViewRedirector' module does.

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Those two modules (ConvertToDrilldownSearch and ViewRedirector), make it so that when the user clicks on a column or a pie wedge in that FlashChart, they are taken to the raw events that made up that column or wedge.

Granted, sometimes when the underlying search contains certain problematic search commands or syntax, the drilldown intention will know it's out of it's league, and such a click by the end-user can lead to an error message. In most cases this "generic drilldown" will work fine though.

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