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Default Navigation Menu not loading.


The default Navigation Menu for an app is not loading when loaded in the nav folder.

From the ui, I see the the following message, but there are is no "New" button or "Add new" in the User Interface section for Navigation Menu:

"There are no configurations of this type. Click the "New" button to create a new configuration."

Is this a bug with 6.0?

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I don't know if it is a bug, but I would get around it this way:

Using a text editor, create the file /opt/splunk/yourApp/local/data/ui/nav/default.xml (or the equivalent path on your system). In that file, put

    <view name="flashtimeline" default="true" />
    <collection label="Views">
        <view source="unclassified" />
    <collection label="Reports">
        <saved source="unclassified" />

This isn't great, but it should give you a very basic default navigation. Hopefully, that will let you get started...

And this should work on either 5.x or 6.0

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This is not the way to accomplish that.

You should look at roles and permissions first.

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Path Finder


I would like to know, if I need to edit this navigation menu for "Search" App but only for any particular user, then how will I achieve it.

I mean, if I am creating a new user to whom I don't want to give access to Icons like Pivot, Alerts, Dashboards, etc on Navigation Menu of Search App, then what changes would I need to make.


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