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After migrating to version 9.1.2 we have to rewrite some classic dashboards in dashboard studio. Is there a way to send the colored lines to the back or send the circles to the front? It simply won't work to put any figure on top of lines, the lines will always be on top. I tried to insert some html customization but still nothing

z-index: 100;



Any help would be much appreciated.

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Which lines and circles are you referring to?

Studio is still not as flexible as Classic on many respects. Why are you migrating?

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Our dashboards were made in HTML with custom js and now is considered a vulnerability and we have to rewrite all dashboards in dashboard studio. This is what we used to view the dashboard in a xml file, 

<view template="app-name:/templates/file.html">
<label>Name of the app</label>

Apparently the line element is always on top no matter the order

in source code.ex.PNG

For example in the photo attached, the PTS block with the red circle must be on top of the green, blue, orange lines(the example is from the old dashboard). As far as i understood, html is not supported in dashboard studio and i can't find another way to solve this problem.

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The closest thing you have in Studio at the moment are markdown blocks but I suspect this will not give you what you need.

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